“Great tone quality that pierces you down to the core and rips your heart out.”
Tyler Call , Zeellia fan

The mix is fabulous. All Over the world, young musicians are looking for ways to combine their grandparents' culture with modern forms of expression, Willow Bridge is as accomplished a back-to-the future move as anything that's come out of such cultural hotbeds as Scandinavia, Bali, or Brazil. The disc is sweet and fierce, deeply moving and eminently danceable, passionate and smart.."

Alexander Varty, Georgia Straight, Vancouver

"ZEELLIA were great"

Spike Barkin, Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, New York

"While the CD is spectacular, the live performance eclipses it by far...they will reach deep into your own 'Slavic Soul' and if you didn't have one coming in, you will by the end of the first set."

Paulette MacQuarrie, CONTACT

"With all the sorrow in the Balkans, here is a locally produced collection of traditional Slavic music sung by a women's vocal group that is filled with joy and an exuberant... affirmation of life. Recalls the impact made a decade ago by TRIO BULGARKA."